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Nature is beautiful, life is strange.



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My name is Cassandra, and I am a artist living in the beautiful PNW.

I have a love of all things nature, and fantasy, humorous, and emotional.

Favorite mediums; Digital, watercolor/mixed media, and graphite.


Art is my life, I have no children, and cope with chronic pain. I am grateful for my art, it keeps me going in more than one way. When I'm not working on art, I'm listening to documentaries, tv shows, playing MTG arena, feeding the wild birds, taking photos of plants and bugs, or doing some light gardening,


I go by CLCanady Arts  because I can't tie myself down to just one subject, style, or medium; I have many interests, and I like to express them in multiple ways.

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*** 11 - 9 - 21 ***
I have lost what means the most to me. I wait for spring, for the bees, and warm light.

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